Plushy owl is felted and hand stitched.
This sleepy guy is available for purchase at LA Myth art show.
February 7!


Scott said...

Love these guys. You going to sell them?

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

terribly cute owls! great job!

Kristin said...

Hey Scott-

Thanks! These owls sold out at the Meltdown Comics art show.

But, I'll be happy to take special orders. Requests should be sent to


kyle said...

I can't believe they are gone!!! I mourn my slow-to-action wallet ...

Anthony Jones said...

uh oh LOOK WHO I FOUND!!!! :D
actually wasnt hard at all i just typed your name in google and BLAMO! Your popular :D, Love your stuff!!! :D


Edgar Cardona said...

hi kristin!

0____o this is awkward...

alright later :D

ps. cute owls rock!