notepads 4 sale

WonderCon was a blast. And, to be honest, I'd take almost any excuse to make a trip up to San Francisco! Met some fantastic artists, such as:
  • (Joey Chou)
  • (Hoang Nguyen)

  • and had loads of fun sharing a table with Kyle and Joe. Thanks guys!

    If you couldn't make it up to WonderCon and can't live another day without purchasing a fantastic "Boy Friday" or "Girl Friday" notepad, please email me with your request. I'll be happy to send one your way! (jivebooger@hotmail.com) They are $5 plus postage. And, of course, you can always find great "Knuckles McGee" merchandise at
  • (www.knuckles-mcgee.blogspot.com)
  • Thanks!


    Scott Wright said...

    Sorry we missed you. Jodi and I did get to see your work...and it was great as always.

    Kristin said...

    Thanks! :)

    uri said...

    Hello, Kristin!
    Thanks for your GENTLE comment!!!