LA Myth- the virtual show

Welcome to the LA Myth virtual art show! Relive favorite opening night moments (or pretend you were there) by checking out our photos on Flickr.

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  • The opening of the LA Myth show was sssooooo much fun. I was thrilled to exhibit with such a fantastic and diverse group of artists. The opening night turn-out was great. Thanks to everyone who showed up. Favorite show moments include my little cousin Jane and her new friend Elias playing hide-n-seek under that HUGE octopus stuffed animal; the two babies dancing in front of the DJ table (and learning new moves from nearby show-goers - it was so funny!); some of our new friends from Comic-con exhibiting with us and others showing up on opening night (thanks, guys!); and of course, my friends who unexpectedly made the long drive from the OC to attend the opening. It was great to see everyone!!

    Online photos aren't quite as good as seeing the art in person, so if you didn't make it to opening night, never fear, the show runs through the end of the month. You still have one more week to head over to Melt Down. Hurry! :)


    monday-morgue said...

    very cool, thanks for posting these.

    donnachada said...

    Great to see you too today Kristin.