Tuesday, July 31, 2007

little fishy in a big pond

I just returned from San Diego. Comic-con was so much fun! I met some fantastic artists whose work is inspirational, narrative, beautiful and whimsical. Here are just a few of the blogs to which I was introduced this past weekend. Check them out for yourself and prepare to be amazed.



roxxykristen said...

Hey dude! A fellow Kristen. It was so awesome for you to stop by! I saw Scott Wright later and we were both wearing your button. Great minds think alike. Hope you like the book!

Kristin said...

To my fellow Kristen: It was great meeting you, too! I'm so jealous that I missed my opportunity to purchase one of your Harry Potter paintings (I just spotted the post on your blog). As a totally devoted HP fan, I should really pay more attention to these things. :) Love your work. Hope to see more soon.

Scott Wright said...

Great meeting you! You and Gabriele had me in stitches...it was the highlight of the con.

I'm still wearing your pin with pride...though my wife keeps trying to steal it.

See you around town!

Kristin said...

Scott- Your booth was my favorite of all. You guys were by far the most entertaining. Y'all made that long drive down to San Diego totally worth while!! Kyle, Joe, James and I signed up for next year already. With any luck, we'll be seated right next to you guys. Oh my! :)